Nespresso – is it worth buying a coffee machine?

Save nearly $1000 by not buying a Nespresso machine?

Coffee  lovers could save hundreds of dollars a year by switching to a home-made coffee machine instead of buying their daily coffee from a cafe. Analysis by Consumers Ransom has calculated the true cost of buying a take-away flat white every day instead of making it yourself – and the results run into hundreds of dollars a year.

We have calculated the cost of a daily coffee for 2 years:

Coffee - Cornersmith

Local cafe or coffee shop – $2190

Assuming you have one coffee per day at $3 from a local cafe for a year – 365 x $3 = $1095 per year and $2190 for 2 years.

Cafes are good at making coffee, can be sociable and have free newspapers but also have queues and sometimes, cold milk.

NespressoNespresso – $1448.40

Nestle has moved with the times – we used to drink Nescafe but now the queues are snaking out the door at the ‘Nespresso boutiques’ (shops) and it seems everyone has bought one.

Nespresso machines divide opinion totally – people either love them or hate them. Coffee purists won’t have one in the house and will scorn your perfectly made flat whites.

Nespresso machines sell from around $350 for basic models to well over $1,000. These machines use capsules of coffee instead of ground coffee so are easier and more convenient to use – but you have to buy Nespresso capsules of coffee to go in the machine. This is a killer sales tactic – you have to keep going back to pay 78 cents per coffee and you cannot use other capsules.

For the purpose of our calculations, taking a Nespresso Citiz with milk warmer/frother model, which makes flat whites or cappucinos – you’ll pay around $499.

Coffee capsules cost 78 cents each and the descaling kit, recommended for use twice a year, costs $17. Assuming about $3 a week for milk, and based on one cup of coffee a day, the machine and ingredients will cost you $973.70  in the first year. and $1448.40 for 2 years.

A recent survey by Choice, the consumer group, rated 37 coffee machines and recommended the DeLonghi Lattisima EN520 S very highly, which costs $599. The Nespresso Essenza was also highly rated with a score of 70 per cent, taking into account coffee temperature, frothing ability, ease of use, ease of programming and taste.

Sunbeam EspressoOther coffee machine – $727.45

If you want to grind your own coffee and froth your own milk, a Sunbeam Cafe Crema Espresso machine is only $198 from Harvey Norman and a Sunbeam Multigrinder is $34.95. Bags of coffee beans vary enourmously in price – Toby’s Estate Woolloomooloo Blend is $52 for 1kg but Harris premium coffee beans are only $25.05 from Coles. Our local barista tells us that he expects to make 100 to 120 coffees from 1kg so that is 25 cents per coffee.

So the total cost of grinding your own beans and making your own coffee this way is only $480.20 for 1 year and $727.45 for 2 years.


Buy a Nespresso machine and you’ll save more than $700, but by skipping the Nespresso and grinding your own coffee you’ll save another $720.95.

If you can do without the cafe banter then the savings are huge.

Photo credit - Cornersmith, Time Out


  • EspressoCapsulesAust

    Save even more by buying empty fillable capsules like Capsul’in from selected retailers or visit to see who stocks them and use your own ground coffee. This will cut your Nespresso capsule running costs down to $704.69 over 2 Years. (i.e. 30 cents per capsule and 14 cents for the 5 grams of coffee required) plus the other running costs. That way you can have 2 cups a day for the same price.

  • Anthony Carmody

    The laziness of the general pubic knows no bounds. I cant believe people buy pesto & mayonnaise let alone coffee in capsules. giving them

    more time to watch reality TV?